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EcSA Initiative

Economic Security for All (EcSA) is a state funding stream for Workforce Development focused on poverty prevention and reduction. It enhances and aligns existing programs and resources in local workforce systems across the state to move individuals from poverty, or at risk of falling into poverty, to self- sufficiency.

*Data points from 7.01.2023 – 3.31.2024

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Washington’s 12 Local Workforce Development Boards partner with the state’s Employment Security Department and more than 160 local community service providers to ensure customers receive all the services for which they are eligible, including workforce training, education and certifications and support services.


Bipartisan legislation, House Bill 2230, codified EcSA into law this year, ensuring certainty for job seekers experiencing poverty to access funds that help them:

  • Reach self-sufficiency through jobs and careers.
  • Overcome obstacles to self-sufficiency, with a focus on marginalized and underserved populations.
  • Navigate existing poverty reduction programs and regulations to make them easier to access and more effective.
  • Access financial help when needed to address gaps between programs, including monetary incentives to help them reach their career and/or educational goals.
  • Connect with businesses to support the workforce needs that foster industry growth and increase quality employment opportunities through apprenticeships, retraining and certification and training programs for job seekers.

More information on EcSA can be found in
ESD’s 2023 legislative report.

“Establishing the Economic Security for All grant program to promote financial stability helps our neighbors climb out of poverty and is smart stewardship of taxpayer dollars.”
Rep. Strom Peterson, D-Edmonds
Prime Sponsor of House Bill 2230

EcSA Improves Lives:

EcSA funds primarily assist traditionally underserved communities, including BIPOC populations, and strive to create generational economic success for families.


  • EcSA participants through June 2023 are 51% BIPOC, far exceeding Washington’s overall BIPOC population of 22%.
  • In the first year of implementation, 421 people reach self-sufficiency, moving them from an annualized income of just under $10,00 to a median annualized income of $44,762.
  • EcSA has been highlighted as a best practice by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Employer Engagement:

The EcSA program was enhanced in the 2023 session to add $2.89 million in funding to increase employer outreach to better connect job seekers with the training and opportunities to fill the quality jobs located in their communities, which is particularly critical for residents in rural areas and traditionally underserved populations. Employer outreach is a key component to the success of EcSA.

Transparency and Accountability

Accountability is built into EcSA. Annual reporting ensures the program is meeting its goals to help EcSA participants reach self-sufficiency, as well as codifies multi- agency work in coordination with the Poverty Reduction Steering Committee, the legislative executive work-first poverty reduction oversight task force, to measure indicators of yearly progress toward poverty reduction, reducing income inequality and achieving an equitable and just economy.

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