Economic Security for All Expansion

Making an Impact:

Economic Security for All (EcSA) Expansion

Like the rest of the nation, Washington state is experiencing a workforce gap - a gap that must be addressed with targeted funding to fill the workforce pipeline and support both workers and employers.

The economy remains uncertain making Washington’s 12 Local Workforce Development Boards (Local Boards) more critical than ever. Employers continue to struggle to find qualified talent to fill more than 213,000 vacant jobs across the state, including thousands in critical industries like Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, and Hospitality. Workers are finding it increasingly difficult to return to the workforce due to lack of childcare and the rising costs of housing, food and basic necessities.

Impacting Lives

Local Boards are key parts of the solution. We invest in people. That's why we are working with the Governor’s Office, state Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, and the Employment Security Department (ESD) on a strategic, ongoing state investment of $13 million in the expanded Economic Security for All (EcSA) program.

This EcSA expansion will provide responsive funding to bring local solutions directly to career seekers and employers. The $13 million investment will:

  • Expand employer engagement
  • Aid in poverty prevention
  • Expand investment in skills-based training
  • Intensify focus on and outreach to at-risk and underserved populations
  • Support earn-and-learn opportunities

Impacting the Economy

The EcSA expansion will fill gaps for job seekers and employers. It is focused on proven strategies to transition Washingtonians into good jobs, which is critical to ensuring a vibrant economic base in every community.

The EcSA expansion is an investment in the local economic ecosystems that support families and employers across our state.

Together, we can secure an ongoing, responsive investment to close the workforce gap across industry sectors and foster economic opportunity for all.

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